May 18, 2022

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Imvexxy can trigger gentle or severe side outcomes. The adhering to lists include some of the vital facet results that may perhaps take place even though getting Imvexxy. These lists do not include all feasible facet effects.

For extra info about the feasible facet effects of Imvexxy, communicate with your doctor or pharmacist. They can give you guidelines on how to deal with any aspect outcomes that might be concerning or bothersome.

Take note: The Foodstuff and Drug Administration (Food and drug administration) tracks aspect results of medication it has accredited. If you would like to notify the Food and drug administration about a side outcome you have had with Imvexxy, you can do so by MedWatch.

Moderate aspect results

Delicate aspect results* of Imvexxy can include things like:

  • headache
  • breast soreness or tenderness
  • nausea or vomiting
  • fluid retention (buildup of fluid in your entire body)

Most of these side effects may perhaps go away in just a couple of days or a pair of months. But if they turn into more significant or do not go away, talk with your physician or pharmacist.

* This is a partial list of mild side outcomes from Imvexxy. To master about other mild aspect results, discuss with your health practitioner or pharmacist, or check out Imvexxy’s affected individual information and facts.

Major side consequences

Really serious aspect results from Imvexxy are not common, but they can manifest. Contact your health care provider proper away if you have significant side outcomes. Simply call 911 or your community crisis selection if your indications feel life threatening or if you assume you are having a medical unexpected emergency.

Really serious facet effects and their signs and symptoms can include:

  • Gallbladder complications that may possibly involve operation. Signs can incorporate:
    • belly suffering, normally in the mid- or higher-suitable location
    • jaundice (yellowing of the skin or the whites of the eyes)
  • Vision difficulties. Symptoms can incorporate:
    • papilledema (a condition that causes unexpected eyesight loss and may turn into long term if it is not handled)
  • Alterations in selected blood exam results. These can include things like:
    • increased stage of proteins that bind to your body’s pure corticosteroids and intercourse hormones
  • Adjustments in your lipid (fats) levels, including all those of cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Impaired glucose tolerance (a situation in which your blood sugar amount may be greater, but it is not superior plenty of to be identified as form 2 diabetes).
  • Breast or uterine most cancers.*†
  • Cardiovascular problems.*†
  • Dementia.*†
  • Allergic reaction.*

* For more info about this facet influence, see “Side effect details” under.
Imvexxy has a boxed warning concerning the hazard of these side effects. A boxed warning is the strongest warning essential by the Meals and Drug Administration (Fda). Boxed warnings warn doctors and individuals about drug effects that might be dangerous.

Facet result facts

Below are some details on sure critical aspect outcomes that this drug may lead to.

Breast or uterine cancer

Imvexxy includes the energetic drug estradiol, which is a form of estrogen. It’s a kind of hormone substitution remedy (HRT) that replaces your body’s normal estrogen in your vaginal place.

Imvexxy is an estrogen-alone remedy, which indicates it is a form of HRT in which estrogen is taken by yourself, without the need of progesterone. (For far more information about how Imvexxy is utilised, see the “Imvexxy uses” section down below.)

Even although Imvexxy is only utilised in the vaginal region, it is possible for estrogen to be absorbed in the bloodstream. Almost never, this may direct to an increased danger of particular cancers.*

Utilizing estrogen-on your own remedy, these kinds of as Imvexxy, might boost your threat for uterine cancer. Much more specifically, accomplishing so can raise the threat of endometrial most cancers. This is a type of most cancers that affects the lining of your uterus.

Some exploration indicates that adding progesterone to estrogen remedy can help to lower the danger of uterine cancer. But other study reveals that the mix of progesterone and estrogen might raise your risk for producing breast most cancers.

Following commencing Imvexxy, contact your doctor right absent if you practical experience any vaginal recognizing, bleeding, or discharge that is darkish, crimson, or bloody. These can be early indications of endometrial cancer, and they ought to not be disregarded. Also, get in touch with your doctor ideal away if you detect any new breast lumps or have any other unconventional symptoms that are bothersome.

Most varieties of most cancers are less difficult to handle if they are caught early. So it is really critical that you abide by your doctor’s assistance for acquiring schedule checkups and screenings when you’re having Imvexxy. These may perhaps include:

If you have questions about the threat of cancers with Imvexxy, talk with your health care provider. They may well counsel other ways to lower your chance. To aid decreased your risk for these cancers, it’s finest to restrict your use of Imvexxy to the lowest possible dose for the shortest sum of time.

* Imvexxy has a boxed warning with regards to the possibility of this side effect. A boxed warning is the strongest warning expected by the Food and Drug Administration (Fda). Boxed warnings notify medical professionals and clients about drug results that may perhaps be hazardous.

Cardiovascular challenges

Whilst Imvexxy is an estrogen remedy which is only made use of in the vaginal location, it is achievable for estrogen to be absorbed in the bloodstream. Rarely, this may perhaps lead to an improved chance of cardiovascular challenges* such as stroke and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). (A DVT is a type of blood clot, which could guide to coronary heart attack or stroke.)

Estrogen therapy, with or devoid of progesterone, ought to not be applied to protect against cardiovascular complications. In simple fact, utilizing estrogen with progesterone may possibly increase your risk for stroke, DVT, heart attack, or pulmonary embolism (PE). (A PE is a kind of blood clot in your lungs.)

To evaluate your threat for cardiovascular difficulties, feel about your latest overall health as you browse in excess of the subsequent queries:

For each and every problem that you answered “yes,” your prospect of cardiovascular disease is greater. If you are thinking of Imvexxy, chat with your doctor about approaches to lessen these risk components for cardiovascular ailment.

Convey to your medical professional if you establish any of the subsequent signs or symptoms:

  • changes in your eyesight or skill to talk
  • unexpected, critical headache
  • critical suffering in your chest or legs
  • emotion weak
  • problems breathing

But if your indicators feel significant or daily life threatening, phone 911 or your local crisis variety.

If you have thoughts about your hazard for cardiovascular condition with Imvexxy, talk with your health care provider.

* Imvexxy has a boxed warning about the danger of this facet outcome. A boxed warning is the strongest warning essential by the Foodstuff and Drug Administration (Fda). Boxed warnings notify medical doctors and individuals about drug effects that may perhaps be unsafe.


Working with estrogen treatment can improve the risk of dementia* (memory reduction) in females† ages 65 years and older who’ve long gone by means of menopause. Estrogen remedy, with or with out progesterone, must not be applied to stop dementia.

You ought to not consider estrogen treatment, which include Imvexxy, if you are an more mature grownup and have signs or symptoms of dementia, such as:

  • modern memory reduction
  • problem completing duties that you utilised to do simply
  • troubles talking
  • finding misplaced in spots that used to be common
  • misplacing matters
  • decline of curiosity
  • temper changes

If you or any individual in your house notices that you have the above indications, talk with your physician. Your health care provider will probable have you quit any hormone treatment that you are using and potentially endorse other treatment possibilities.

* Imvexxy has a boxed warning relating to the threat of this side outcome. A boxed warning is the strongest warning expected by the Foodstuff and Drug Administration (Food and drug administration). Boxed warnings warn doctors and patients about drug consequences that may well be hazardous.
† Intercourse and gender exist on spectrums. Use of the time period “female” in this short article refers to sex assigned at birth.

Allergic reaction

As with most prescription drugs, some persons can have an allergic reaction just after applying Imvexxy. It isn’t identified how generally allergic response occurred in clinical reports of the drug.

Signs or symptoms of a gentle allergic reaction can incorporate:

  • pores and skin rash
  • itchiness
  • flushing (temporary heat, redness, or deepening of pores and skin colour)

A a lot more severe allergic response is scarce but probable. Indications of a critical allergic response can consist of:

  • swelling below your pores and skin, ordinarily in your eyelids, lips, fingers, or feet
  • inflammation of your tongue, mouth, or throat
  • difficulty breathing

Call your medical professional ideal away if you have an allergic reaction to Imvexxy, as the response could come to be intense. Get in touch with 911 or your area emergency amount if your symptoms sense lifestyle threatening or if you feel you’re obtaining a health care unexpected emergency.