May 18, 2022

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Best Natural Home Remedy for Arthritis Pain?

By Storyhub

Inflammatory disorders are humankind’s arch-enemy, and it is going to be there with us until we perish. But, nature has the best remedy for all our problems, and some nutraceutical brands had unlocked it.

This Relief Factor review will help you understand more about the product and help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Most of the products available to combat inflammation are topical steroids or pharmaceutical drugs that block certain immune pathways to reduce inflammation.

While the above are effective in controlling pain, they aren’t always safe and cannot be used without the supervision of a doctor.

Relief Factor is more or less like a home remedy but more scientifically validated and processed on par with pharmaceutical drugs.

It has an ancillary line-up of supplements called Energy and Calm, both of which are wellness-focused products.

In this review, we shall try to understand more about this product, its safety, ingredients, and let us find out if any other products can outperform the Relief Factor.

Without further ado, let us dive deeper.

What exactly is Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is an anti-inflammatory supplement promoted by Promedev LLC, based in the USA. Unlike the regular pharma drugs that your doctor prescribes you, this is a combination of botanicals and fish oil to give you complete protection.

It can be used by everyone and is specially crafted for the elderly population who suffer from joint pains and age-related health issues.

Not just the elderly, but then people who are engaged in strenuous jobs or workout routines can use this product to reduce body pain and inflammation.

The pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories used for arthritis pain relief or regular joint pain relief works by blocking the immune response that triggers pain.

However, this supplement works by supplying natural agents that can effectively bridle the inflammation as a chemical drug can.

The product line-up is also extended to vitamin Relief Factor Calm and Relief Factor Energy. The former is a herbal supplement that can help you relax by controlling stress, while the latter is an energy booster to keep you active.

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What are the main ingredients in Relief Factor?

There are four top ingredients used in this product that enables superior pain suppression like pharmaceutical drugs. Let us check one-by-one.


Obtained from the plant Epimedium, this is a potent vasodilator that helps widen the blood vessels to carry more blood.

It has nitric oxide activity, which relaxes the blood vessels to accommodate more blood, which thereby ensures increased oxygenation into tissues.

With more oxygen, cells function properly and get repaired faster, thus reducing long-lasting pain.


Extracted from the roots of Japanese Fleeceflower, this is a top-class antioxidant compound.

It helps to protect the cells against free-radical oxidation, which is one of the major reasons for age-related joint pains.

It also improves the vascular response and reduces the biological stress for the proper functioning of cells.


Turmeric is a classic source of curcumin phytosome, which can easily combine with the phosphatidylcholine in the cell lipid membrane.

This action helps for faster absorption by the intestinal microvilli, thus helps to maintain a balance of multiple enzyme systems.

It is also a good antioxidant that can protect cells from free radical stress.

Omega-3 fatty acid

One serving of Relief Factor contains 900mg of essential omega -3 fatty acid, a rich source of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid).

Both of these are crucial for the working of neurons and play an essential role in new cell formation.

When available in surplus, omega-3 can help in accelerated healing, thereby reducing inflammation.

How does Relief Factor work?

This product is a combination of natural herbal extracts and fish oil to support the immune system.

First, let us understand how inflammation occurs, which gradually leads to pain. Say you have joint pain; however, the pain is the last end result of a long cascade of events that had already occurred inside the body.

When the cartilaginous tissue between the joints starts to degrade, it sends chemical molecules to trigger the immune system, and it is our immune system that alerts us by inflicting pain.

When you use the Relief Factor, it will supply compounds that suppress the hyper elevated pain response induced by the immune system, thereby temporarily giving your pain relief.

This product is great for hip, neck, and knee pain treatment; however, it doesn’t have any therapeutic value.

So, you can use it to suppress the irritating pain response; however, you have to consult a trained medical professional to treat the cause of pain.

What are the benefits of Relief Factor?

This product is loaded with a few benefits that its chemical counterparts don’t offer. Let us see a few:

Contains no refined chemical drugs.

Ingredients are all 100% botanicals and fish oil.

Helps you relieve pain caused by joint problems.

Best suited for elderly people.

Packed in convenient individual sachets for easy use.

One serving contains almost 667 mg of curcumin phytosome.

Accessory products Relief Factor Energy & Calm will help you stay mentally and physically healthy.

What are the results you can expect after using Relief Factor?

This is a perfect solution for all ages, but the most benefits will be enjoyed by the elderly population, who are more prone to joint problems.

Regular users can alleviate pain caused by existing joint problems, which will arrive the first few days of use.

The manufacturer claims that with 3 weeks of use, you can temporarily enjoy a completely pain-free life.

People suffering from body pain regularly after workouts or exercising can rely on this product to keep discomfort at bay.

Improved blood flow into all organs results in proper oxygenation of cells. Therefore, any damage inflicted at the cellular level can be fixed with the long-term use of this product.

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Are there better alternatives for Relief Factor?

Relief factor is undoubtedly a worthy pain-relieving supplement when compared with some of the top market competitors like Genius Joint, Dr.Bo, NutriRise Glucosamine Chondrotin, etc.

However, ProJoint Plus gives tough competition for this product, exhibiting a neck-to-neck competition in the online market.

ProJoint Plus is, in fact, a cheaper alternative for Relief Factor, costing only $29.95 for one month supply. In contrast, the latter costs a staggering $79.95 per month.

If the cost factor is put aside, then both are decent products and offer you claimed benefits.

However, if you weigh the benefits of both products, again, it’s a solid win for ProJoint Plus with over 8 top-notch scientifically proven ingredients and a lot of endorsements from field professionals, all of which absent for Relief Factor.

Even the brand visibility of ProJoint Plus is excellent, and they are manufactured by one of the most reputed nutraceutical brands, Vita Balance Inc.

So, in a nutshell, if you want the benefits of Omega -3 and Curcumin, then Relief Factor is the way to go; else, without a second thought, go for ProJoint Plus.

Is Relief Factor safe and side-effects free?

Yes, this product is 100% safe and side-effects free, thanks to its botanical ingredients with a mix of fish oil.

In order for a brand to enable sales in the US, it has to maintain strict quality control from ingredient procurement to manufacturing.

Relief Factor apparently seems to maintain good quality control, which is reflected in user ratings.

All of the ingredients they have used are clinically tested herbal compounds with good scientific validity from independent research studies.

Since there are no chemical drugs used in this product, you can use it safely without any worries for an extended time.

Is Relief Factor a hoax?

No, Relief Factor is a reputed and top pain management supplement with a very strong user base.

The product doesn’t have any elements of hoax marketing like referral programs or multi-level marketing.

The brand offers a solid and scientifically validated product in return for your valuable money.

Even they have very responsive customer care support to provide full-fledged online as well as offline support.

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Relief Factor reviews. Do people like it?

This product has a decent user base and internet presence; however, compared to ProJoint Plus, it yet to improve.

This product scores 3.5 out of 5 for its benefits from our primary analysis, which stands on par with the user rating.

Let us see some real user comments posted on the internet.

Alan wrote on the official page as :

I took it every day…I woke up…the pain is gone

“I heard about Relief Factor from my wife…I took it every day, three times a day. I woke up, rolled over and told her’ The pain is gone!”

This is what Dale wrote:

After four days, I thought ‘My knees aren’t hurting!

“If your knees hurt bad enough – which mine were – you’ll try just about anything…After four days, I thought ‘My knees aren’t hurting!’ I’ve been taking it ever since.”

Another user, Sandra, gave her testimonial as:

The big difference is in how I was sleeping

“Relief Factor, I feel…has improved my quality of life… It’s like the best thing in the world.”

Where to buy Relief Factor and how much does it cost?

We recommend to buy Relief Factor on the official website:

Purchase options:

1. Relief Factor QuickStart (one time 3-weeks temporary supply) – $19.95

2. Relief Factor Calm – $21.95 (24% off on the original price of $28.95)

3. Relief Factor Energy

One month supply – $34.95

Three months supply – $89.95

Six months supply – $119.95

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With QuickStart 3-weeks temporary supply, you receive three free gifts Vitamin D3, CoQ10, and Vitamin C supplements.

Calm and Energy has to be purchased separately

What is the monthly cost of Relief Factor?

Relief Factor dvs costs $79.95 after 3 weeks temporary supply.

S&H additional at $ 6.95/ shipment

One sachet/serving will cost you $1.33 and you need to spend $2.66 everyday for a pain free life.


Shipping charges are extra, which will be mentioned along with the order during checking out.

Currently no shipping outside of the US.

Discreet packaging and shipping via trusted partners (USPS & UPS).


All major credit cards are accepted.

HSA cards can be used with prior approval

256-SSL Security for payments.

Orders are subscription-based and will be charged every month unless ordered is canceled 24 hours before billing.

90 days money-back guarantee

How to use Relief Factor?

The product comes in a convenient sachet that contains 2 capsules and 2 soft gels, which is suitable for one-time use.

One packet has 60 such sachets, which can last for one month, provided you use two sachets every day.

One sachet can be taken in the morning, and the remaining one can be taken at night.

The manufacturer recommends using 3 sachets every day for the first week for the first use, followed by two sachets a day for the following weeks.

You can use water or fruit juice to swallow the pills and but not alcohol or carbonated beverages.

Pros & cons


100% natural product that contains herbal ingredients in combination with fish oil.

No side effects since this is a raw preparation.

One of the best supplements for joint pain.

Gives you complete relief in three weeks of suggested use.

Comes in a convenient sachet with 4 pills.

You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy and use this product.

Contain 900mg of essential omega-3 fatty acid.

90 days money back guaranteed.


Overpriced when compared to its nearest competitor, ProJoint Plus

Market availability is very limited, and this product is only found on its official website.

The user will be charged automatically after the first purchase unless the subscription is canceled.

Is Relief Factor worth the money? My final verdict

Undoubtedly, Relief Factor is a good product for those people who need a safe pain management solution and one of the best natural anti-inflammatory supplements.

This product is suitable for the elderly and people who are committed to strenuous physical activities.

However, when the price tag is taken into account, that is where Relief Factor falls short of its nearest competitor, ProJoint Plus.

ProJoint Plus gives you all-round protection from all kinds of joint pain, body aches, joint problems, and cartilage issues just under $30 per month’s supply, while the Relief Factor would cost you around $80 will extra shipping charges.

However, you get a free vitamin supplement for your choice with every month’s subscription supply, which is an added benefit.

So, simply put, if you want to enjoy the goodness of omega-3 fatty acid and curcumin’s antioxidant property, go for it. If not, ProJoint Plus gives you a better value for money.

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