February 8, 2023

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Embarrassing Menopausal Symptoms – Treating Vaginal Dryness Due to Menopause

In their early 50s, many women start to experience menopausal symptoms. The most common symptom is hot flashes. The second most common symptom is vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is probably the most severe.

It affects both you and your partner. It can be difficult to tell your husband you no longer want to have sex because it hurts. He might not understand. He might even be angry with you. Even if he’s not, you can tell that he’s not happy. Whatever happens, it will likely drive a wedge between you. And this is not good for relationship.

Not only do you have vaginal dryness, but you also may experience pain due to the thinning of the vaginal lining. Also, the cervix produces less mucus at this time. Not only that, the entrance to the vagina actually grows smaller. All of these combine for very uncomfortable sexual experience.

But you shouldn’t have to deal with vaginal dryness. There are natural proven methods that can alleviate the symptom. Many women will turn in desperation to hormonal therapies prescribed by the doctor. But do these really help?

Often, hormonal replacement will have worse side effects. You might even be risking cancer by taking these hormones. So it’s better to find a natural option if at all possible. You also may have tried over the counter lubricants. These can help a little bit, but they tend to be sticky and not feel quite right. However, these options may seem like your only choice for treating menopausal symptoms. But what if there’s another option?

As I say, this is your starting point in dealing with embarrassing and painful dryness in the vagina.

It is a very common condition for women of all ages, but particularly women going through menopause. If you continue to leave it untreated sexual intercourse will be uncomfortable for both you AND your partner and could affect your relationship in the long term.

You an keep reading these short articles online, but you’re not going to learn enough to really help you. You need to take action to cure your dryness as soon as possible.