February 8, 2023

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Lose Weight After Menopause

Is it possible to have weight loss after menopause? Yes it is! By incorporating small changes in your lifestyle, you can breeze through this period of your life with no qualms.

Menopause-related issues generally begin during perimenopause. The majority of women gain about a pound a year during this time leading up to menopause.

It not just hormones that cause weight gain. Lifestyle, genetics, and aging play a role as well.

So, how can you achieve weight loss after menopause? First you need to understand what is going on inside your body. As you age, your caloric needs decrease because the aging process slows down your metabolism. Aging naturally causes the gradual replacement of muscle with fat. Remember that muscle burns more calories than fat. You now have less muscle…hence, the sluggish metabolism!

Losing weight after menopause can be done. Some things are more of a challenge than others, but losing the weight or not getting it at all is important. Not only to keep our girlish figures, but weight gain can contribute to an increase risk of breast cancer, high tension, diabetes (type 2), high cholesterol, stroke.

Two things to remember, and you’ve probably heard them before.


Your metabolism slows down at the onset of menopause, so you need to increase your metabolism through exercise and diet.

If possible try to double your exercise regime. Maybe increase stamina by adding weights if that hasn’t been part of your routine before, or maybe increase the weights if it has.

Decrease calorie consumption. Your food should be nutritious. Stay away from ’empty’ calories that have not nutritional value. You might want to replace some of your food stapels with low fat/calorie choices.

Sometimes just paying attention to our serving sizes and tone those down can make a huge difference, and you may not even notice missing that extra piece of chicken or helping of potatoes.

Cut back your sodium intake. Try seasoning your foods with spices and seasonings you may not have tried. Experiment. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised how a certain spice adds a zip to your recipe.

If you’re use to having a cocktail in the evening, you may want to try diluting it with diet soda or water. Its important to decrease your alcohol consumption.

RELAX! Did you know that stress causes weight to accumulate around the middle. Experts say this is the most unhealthy place to carry weight. Try meditation. Connect with your inner peace!